GOYA stands for Greek Orthodox Youth of America. GOYA is for kids that are in grades six through twelve. In GOYA you get to experience many things you would never get to experience any other way. In past years, GOYA has done many things such as: Project Mexico (when GOYANs built houses for homeless families and spent time at an orphanage in Mexico), the GOYA Basketball Tournament (GOYANs get together with other GOYANs from the Metropolis of Denver and socialize and play basketball). Another great experience is Camp Emmanuel which is a summer camp in New Mexico where GOYANs get together with kids from the Metropolis of Denver and learn more about their faith with other priests from the Metropolis. One more of the many great experiences in GOYA is dancing at our Greek Festival. GOYA is a great way to enhance your knowledge and faith in Christ with your fellow Christians.



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